Custom Corsage Or Boutonnière - Fresh Flower

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Fresh Flower Corsage and Boutonnière

Our Fresh Flower Corsage and Boutonniere sets are crafted with the finest seasonal blooms, designed to add a touch of elegance to your prom night. Each piece is carefully arranged to highlight the natural beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers, ensuring a timeless and sophisticated look.


Please refer to the photo for detailed information on the main color, side color, ribbon color, and accents color. Please also take a look at the photo for reference!
Our corsage, crafted in-house by our talented designers, showcases the dedication and skill we pour into each creation as we strive to deliver the best. Please note that it may not be possible to perfectly replicate the desired style online. While we will do our best to match the colors you choose from our available options, please understand that the final design may differ from what you envision. If you prefer to have a custom order in the exact color you desire, we encourage you to visit our store in person to see and select the colors directly.

Our corsage is made with a White slap bracelet. This sweet & simple wrist corsage is easy to adjust colours to match any dress and easy to use. Allergy-free

Step 1 : Choose your main rose color.

The main flowers color are the focal point of your corsage. Please choose a color that will complement the dress to be worn for the prom.

Step 2 : Choose the color of your side rose.

The side rose color that enhance the main rose color of the corsage. Please choose the rose that complement the main flower well. 

Step 3 : Choose the ribbon color.

The ribbon serves as a delightful accent, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your floral arrangement. Selecting the ribbon color allows you to customize the corsage to match your outfit, theme, or personal preference.

Step 4 : Choose the accents or decorative flower color.

It serves the role of enhancing the beauty of the flowers. Around the flowers, it can be adorned with accents made of white or gold, creating focal points. Additionally, it can be decorated with hydrangeas in blue, pink, or purple to complement the surroundings. Depending on the color, our floral designers carefully selects various flowers such as dried statice or hydrangeas to decorate appropriately. These options serve as decorative accents for the flowers, so they are not used in large quantities.


Corsage Size Information (sizes may differ between 3-5cm)
23cm * 11cm