DIY Class Reservations

    DIY Class: Delightful, Informative, Yours (make the product yours)

    Detail Description:
    Aromatears DIY classes will support you throughout the class. Simple, fun and you will learn different information from the class. Make the product yours with your own choice of scents and design. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have :)

    Refund Policy:
    DIY classes are all NON-REFUNDABLE. After you have booked and paid for the deposit, everything will be non-refundable, including the deposit. Therefore, please take your time and consider carefully before paying the class deposit.

    For everyone booking the DIY classes, the deposit will be $10/per person (non-refundable). We accept e-transfer or cash (have to pay at least 2 days before the class starts). Due to the non-refundable deposit and class fee, we hope you can take your time and consider carefully before you pay the deposit for your class.

    Q & A
    Since many people are booking the DIY class for the first time, you must have many questions! Don’t worry; we have a separate Q & A section in the DIY class tab for you guys to learn more about the DIY class.
    Kingsway Location Detail :
    Our new store is at 3277 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5K4. More specifically, you will have to walk into the alley right behind CIBC Kingsway and past the Fighter Chicken Kingsway and Beijiang. We will be waiting for you under the white shed :)


    Class Detail :

    Gel candle (90-120mins) 

    Hydrangea Gel candle     2 Jars 3oz -$65
    Under the sea gel candle                    $59

      Gel Candle could be done in any theme of your choice, a good choice for a gift. Want to make an ocean or tropical theme? We can help you to put your ideas into reality! Bubbles, sand, fish, shells… decorate the way you want. Christmas is coming soon; thinking about making a Christmas theme? Santa, snow, presents, reindeer… all of the cute things you want can be in the gel candle!


      Soy candle (60-90mins)

      2 jars - $65

      Soy candles are one of the most popular products in Aromatears, and there is a reason behind their popularity. The scents you choose for your candles can destress and reach the role of aromatherapy. The vegetable-based ingredients would be healthier than regular candles and will be easier to clean. Do you want to give it to your friends? You can also decorate the candle with different types of candles! Preserved flowers, pressed flowers, and greeneries… design them yourself :) With all of the good things mentioned above, why not soy candles?


      Perfume (60mins)

      50ml $66

      Have you thought of making perfume just for yourself? Your personal perfume, with the scents you like and how it reflects your personality, can also help other people remember you. Choose the scents of your choice; floral, musk, fruity, citrus… and decorate the bottle with your own design to become your personal perfume. 


      Diffuser (60mins)

      $48 50ml / $78 100ml

      Are there any places that you want to smell better? Your bedroom? A place you spend time the most. Your workplace? So you can be more positive and motivated while working. Your closet? So even your clothes smell good when you go out. Make your own room diffuser to place anywhere that you want them to smell better and make your day delightful.


      Car Stone diffuser (60mins)

      1 set of 2 $48

       New DIY class alert!!! You must have seen the stone diffuser we displayed at the store; they are always the most popular and cutest of all time. Seems difficult to make? Don’t worry! That’s why we are here! We will explain step-by-step to support you in creating your own stone diffuser.


      Resin ** special $50( 60-90mins) *only March

      - Resin grip toks

      - Resin initial keyrings


      NEW and UNIQUE DIY class in Aromatears! Pop socket is the pop-up phone holder that many people are using right now. Now you can design the pop socket with resin art! It is the UV resin art and can be quickly finished within 2 hours, therefore, you can bring your pop socket right after class!!