About Us

Aromatears provides a unique and catered process that allows our customers to create a one-of-a-kind experience that can be gifted to themselves and others. We look to the young and old; individuals, couples, and businesses alike, who cherish the significance of making even the everyday norms more memorable. By giving our customers the means to create a gift that is meaningful, memorable and sentimental to them for their special and everyday occasions, we try to elicit the feeling of accomplishment, sincerity, and (self) love.

Our Services

Aromatears offers an incredible range of services including: custom bouquets (preserved, dried, or soap flowers); custom floral arrangements (preserved, dried, or soap flowers); wedding bouquets; accessories; centerpieces; DIY fragrance workshops (for perfumes, room/car diffusers, and air fresheners) and DIY candle making classes, both of which are available by appointment.

Our Products

We are also the home to countless products. In our store, you'll find 100% natural aromatherapy essential oils, pre-designed bouquets (preserved, dried, or soap flowers), pre-designed floral arrangements (preserved, dried, or soap flowers), mini bouquet and stone car diffusers, perfumes, candles, and other luxurious and beautiful gifts.