Wedding Service

Aromatears is delighted to be with you in your special moment.
You can separately purchase products suitable for the event in our website. Also, for those who want a customized product, you can plan a product according to the design and the size of the event through consultation with us.

If you have any specific style or more information, please contact us.

If you email us with your name, phone number and the date you would like to be consulted, we are going to contact you within 48 hours.
We are excited to be a part of your big day.

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Our store specialized for various types of flowers which are fresh flowers, preserved flowers and soap flowers.


Our fresh flower is designed with natural fresh cut flowers that you can enjoy the seasonal beauty and natural scents of flowers. Our design is based on korean style wrapping and the arrangement is used in both western and korean style.


Soaps are made with 100% soap ingredients and have a subtle soap scent. They are artificial flowers so they will last forever.


Also we have preserved flowers. Preserved flowers are real flowers that have went through a preserving process. Since they are real, they will last for 3 years without any water or care. They have vibrant and vivid colors unlike regular dry flowers.


Our customers love all flower types and they are our bestsellers.