520 Preserved Roses Round Bouquet (Lougheed Unavailable)

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On 520, a timeless gift blooms in the form of preserved roses, their beauty enduring in elegant splendor. These long-lasting blossoms embody love's enduring nature, encapsulated in a scene of lasting affection and heartfelt devotion..

Please note that your bouquet may vary slightly from the photo, as we design each unique bouquet based on the availability of blooms. Photos provided are meant to be a style reference and may not match the specific number of flowers exactly as the selection of flowers, greenery, and foliage may vary. Instead, we design our bouquets within the chosen price range. The wrapping and tone of the bouquet will match the photos shown, while any accessories pictured are sold separately.

Pictures may look different in color depending on the resolution.

Size Information(sizes may differ between 3-5cm)