DIY Workshop Prices

Fragrance & Candle 


Bottle & Scent Included
Price Per person 

1. Perfume
30ml: $52
50ml: $66
2. Diffuser
50ml: $48
100ml: $68
150ml: $92
3. Soy Candle
Plain Jar(2 sets): $65.99
Merry Go: $59.99
4. Gel Candle (Seasonal)
Hydrangea Gel Candle
(2 sets) : $59.99
Under the sea Gel Candle
$59.99 / $66.99
5. Soap making
Fragrance oil:
Essential oil:

Prepayment $5 (each per person) when you make a reservation.
* Minimum 2 people 
*Maximum 6 people
( We are accepting multiple clients for the same time slot (maximum 6 people for one-time slot)
Meet new friends during DIY classes!!!)

How to Make Your Own (DIY) Fragrance

Step 1
Make an appointment (Tell us the date, time and how many people you're coming with).

Step 2
Choose your bottle design.

Step 3
Design your personal scent (over 100 different scents - floral, citrus, fruity, musk, woody and green).

Step 4
Choose your 3 favourite scents and mix them into your selected bottle.

Step 5
After scaling the fragrance oil in the bottle, add fragrance base and mix well.

Step 6
You can add dry flowers inside or outside of the bottle.

Extra Cost Items
Flower decoration, extra scents, bottle (non-basic), essential oil (natural).

How to Make Your Own (DIY) Soy Candle

Step 1
Choose the candle jar.

Step 2
Choose your favorite scents (maximum of 2 different scents).

Step 3
Mix your scents together into a cup.

Step 4
Pour melted soy wax into the cup and mix well.

Step 5
Pour mixed wax into the candle jar.

Step 6
Wait for your candle to cool down. During this time, you can choose your pressed flowers and dry flowers for the decoration.

Step 7
Start decorating your candle with your choice of flowers.

How to Make Your Own (DIY) Gel Candle

Step 1
Choose the candle jar, color and theme (sea or flower).

Step 2
Design your candle jar with decorations.

Step 3
Pour melted gel into your jar slowly.

Step 4
Try to remove bubbles in the jar using a heat gun.