DIY Gel Candle(deposit)

Tags: DIY Class


$10.00 (per person) NON- Refundable deposit.
ONLY Reschedule 

This price is per person. It cannot be shared with friend (or ohter person) as one set.

- Hydrangea Gel candle       2 Jars 3oz -$65 (one set)
- Under the sea gel candle   2 Jars 3oz -$65 (one set)

Gel Candle could be done in any theme of your choice, a good choice for a gift. Want to make an ocean or tropical theme? We can help you to put your ideas into reality! Bubbles, sand, fish, shells… decorate the way you want. Christmas is coming soon; thinking about making a Christmas theme? Santa, snow, presents, reindeer… all of the cute things you want can be in the gel candle!