DIY Perfume & Diffuser (deposit)

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New Date:
June 22nd @4pm / June 29th @4pm/ July 6th 4pm.


$10.00 (per person) NON- Refundable deposit.
ONLY Reschedule 

This price is per person. It cannot be shared with friend (or ohter person) as one product.


50ml - $66

Have you thought of making perfume just for yourself? Your personal perfume, with the scents you like and how it reflects your personality, can also help other people remember you. Choose the scents of your choice; floral, musk, fruity, citrus… and decorate the bottle with your own design to become your personal perfume. 



50ml - $48 
100ml - $78 

Are there any places that you want to smell better? Your bedroom? A place you spend time the most. Your workplace? So you can be more positive and motivated while working. Your closet? So even your clothes smell good when you go out. Make your own room diffuser to place anywhere that you want them to smell better and make your day delightful.


Vancouver(Kingsway) Location Detail:
Our new store is at 3277 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5K4.

More specifically, you will have to walk into the alley right behind CIBC Kingsway and past the Fighter Chicken Kingsway and Beijiang. We will be waiting for you under the white shed :)