Wooden Heart Preserved Rose Bouquet (Nude Pink)

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- How to make plastic roll-
plastic roll: $2.99/each
  • We will provide the wire that wraps around the plastic rolls, so you can stick into your chosen product.
  • If you don’t want surprises, you can also choose this plastic roll.

It is very easy to make and you don’t need lots of bills.

You can add into whatever you want, like bouquet, centrepiece, and vase as well.

We are not providing any service for rolling the money, so it will be all DIY. Thank you for understanding  :^)


Accessories, if shown, are not included and must be added on. 

The main rose color and wrapping color will be similar to the pictures as shown. But the other dry flowers are designer choice.

*Size information (sizes may differ between 3-5cm)*

35cm * 45cm