Surprise Money Box(반전용돈박스)

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- What’s inside : case(white) , flower box, and message card

If you want a special mother’s day card, please add it ( see picture)

  • number of bills : max 30 bills
  • What you need: tape only.

If you don’t know how to make the money box, don’t worry. Please watch the video and you will get it!

How to make the money box?

* Line up all of the bills and tape them all together.

* Tape the edge of the first bill to the white roller, and start rolling all of the bills.     Please roll tightly with the bills.

* Match the white roller to the white money case and gently put it into the money case.

* Pull out a little bit of the edge of the last bill from the opening of the money case. Use the tape and stick the message card to the edge.

* If you pull out too much while putting the message card, simply roll it back through the opening space on the case.

*Put the whole money case onto the flower box. 

Size information (sizes may differ between 3-5cm)