DIY Valentine’s Day Chocolate

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How to make:

- Gently warm chocolate in a bowl on pot with warm water, or microwave on defrost setting and melt the cholate.
*DO NOT OVER HEAT! chocolate will lose consistency if overheated or if liquid is added.

- Pour chocolate into provided mold and start decorating before cholcolate gets hardend.

- Chill untill solid, carefully remove chocolate from the mold and store it in a cool, dry place or store it in a fridg.e

*Chocolate easily absorbs odors of whatever's in the refrigerator. If stored in a fridge make sure chocolate is sealed in an air-tight container.

What's in the kit:

*Dried fruit 30g ( Dried  strawberries.  Dried kiwi.  Dried cranberries. DrieIngredientd orange. )

*Dark chocolate 200g
*White cookie chocolate 200g

*Nuts 30g Almond. Pistachio.Hazelnut.

* Snacks 30g, Pretzels, FrootRing
3 in 1 plastic mold for chocolate bar making
Chocolate plastic bag 6개