DIY Soy candle (deposit)

Tags: DIY Class


$10.00 (per person) NON- Refundable deposit.
ONLY Reschedule 

2 jars - $65 ( One set)
This price is per person. It cannot be shared with friend (or ohter person) as one set.

Soy candles are one of the most popular products in Aromatears, and there is a reason behind their popularity. The scents you choose for your candles can destress and reach the role of aromatherapy. The vegetable-based ingredients would be healthier than regular candles and will be easier to clean. Do you want to give it to your friends? You can also decorate the candle with different types of candles! Preserved flowers, pressed flowers, and greeneries… design them yourself :) With all of the good things mentioned above, why not soy candles?