Dalgona Making Tools Set

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Dalgona Korean sugar Candy Making Tools Set 


Have fun making this nostalgic Korean street snack at home with this kit that comes with all the necessary tools and cutters in a variety of shapes. Have a good time making dalgona with friends or family.

What's in the Kit:

  • Metal plate
  • Ladle
  • Circular press plate
  • Scraper
  • 5 Shape frames (bear, heart, star, dog bone, Lightning shapes)



1.Put some sugar (2 or 3oz) in the ladle(scoop) and melt it on low heat

2.Stir sugar melting in a scoop well with a stick.

3.When sugar melts completely, add a of baking(soda) pinch

4.As soon as you add the soda, stir it guickly with a stick. about 2 or 3 seconds, you will see it changed to creamy golden brown. now turn off the heat. please make sure do not stir it for toolong. it can be burned.

5.When the mixture swells up enough, pour it on the flat tray before pouring. sprinkle. some of sugar on the tray.

6.press the mixture with flat tool enclosed in the package. until you make it flat

7.Place the frame of the shape on the Dalgona (flat candy) and lightly press it.

8.Take it off gently from the tray after it cools down.